Proper Form for Running

Proper Running Form

Running, perhaps more than any other sport, is an exercise in efficiency. How quickly can you get from point A to point B? How quickly can you travel while expending the least amount of energy? How can you reduce your energy output?

These questions are the basis of training and running, and the driving force behind the answers has to do with bio-mechanics and proper running form. To a certain extent, form cannot be changed beyond what nature intended. ...

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Hydration Packs Explained

Hydration Packs

Hydration is an important component of training and recovery, but water fountains are not always readily available, especially out on the trail. For those extra long or hot runs when hydration is necessary, what can a runner do to ensure his or her needs are met? Enter the hydration packs. Available in numerous styles, there is a make and model that fits the need of each type of runner. Listed below is a comparison of the most popular styles.

Hand ...

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Essential Gear for Triathletes

Gear for Triathletes

Thinking of getting into triathlons? Before you begin you should keep in mind the amount of gear for triathletes that is required to successfully complete a triathlon, especially at the competitive level. Listed below are the bare necessities to get you through the swim-bike-run.

Unless you are already a competitive swimmer, much of the cost for a new triathlete comes from buying swim gear.

Wet Suit/Tri Suit
Beginners who are unsure whether they will stick with the sport should ...

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Guide to Overcoming and Preventing Running Injuries

Overcome and Prevent Injuries

Injuries are the bane of every runner’s existence, yet it is extraordinarily rare to encounter a runner who has never been injured. While hindsight is always 20/20, the majority of common running injuries are entirely preventable when approached with a healthy dose of mindfulness and attention. Listed below are the common causes of injury, the most prevalent injuries that runners face, and how they can be avoided.

Common Cause of Injuries
The majority of injuries can be traced ...

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