Bad Habits That Are Hurting Your Running Form

Bad Habits

There are numerous articles available to help you fix your running form, but what about the habits you should avoid? Improvement does not always stem from the addition of work – sometimes all it takes is the avoidance of bad habits. Listed below are ways you are sabotaging your running in your daily life.

Arm Bands
Running with music can be a great distraction (so long as it is not too great of a distraction and puts your safety at ...

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7 Best Half Marathons in the Country

Half Marathons

With the surging popularity of both half marathons and runcations, choosing an upcoming race has never been more fun. Half marathons can now be found every single weekend in every part of the country. Listed below are only a few of the best races located across the country.

Estes Park Half Marathon, Estes Park, CO
Billed as one of the highest altitude races in the country, the highest point of this half marathon tops out around 7,500 feet ...

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Couch to Half Marathon Training Plan

Couch to Half Marathon Training

With the ever-increasing popularity of half marathons, many people are deciding to run one for the first time. In fact, according to data compiled by RunningUSA, there were over 2 million half marathon finishers in 2015, which is an all-time high. With new races popping up every year across the country to reflect this trend, it has never been easier to find a race. If half marathons are the new 5k, why not commit to ...

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Athletes Diet – Common Diets for Endurance Athletes

The Athlete Diet Explained

Many professional and elite level athletes regularly meet with a sports nutritionist to determine which athlete diet is right for them and their exercise level, but weekend warriors and age groupers do not always have access to that luxury.

Endurance athletes routinely put their bodies through strenuous workouts day in and day out, so it should be no surprise that fueling is one of the most important considerations.

While no one will dispute that eating healthy and being mindful ...

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Core Exercises – Body Hacks For Your Core

Core Exercises

Every athlete knows that core strengthening is an important part of becoming a stronger and faster athlete. However, unless you are a professional runner, making time for core exercises can be difficult. There are numerous body hacks that a person can incorporate throughout the day in order to give core work the attention it deserves.

Commit to 5 Minutes Per Day
You can do anything for five minutes every day, right? Instead of making grand promises to yourself (such as ...

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Six Stages of Racing a Half Marathon

Half Marathon Racing

The night before your first half marathon you may envision standing on the starting line and find yourself wondering what to expect. The past 3 or 4 months of hard work have all built up to what will occur over the course of a few hours, which will be filled with a myriad of emotions.

Miles 1 – 5: Confidence
After the gun goes off and you are on your way, the first five miles will feel easy. You ...

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10 Surprisingly Healthy Foods for Endurance Athletes

Healthy Foods for Endurance Athletes

With the recent “clean eating” diet trend, many foods and food groups have unfairly been cast aside with the label of “bad” or “dirty.” However, most of these forbidden foods contain beneficial nutrients that are important for athletes. When consumed in moderation, the healthy foods listed below do not have to be banished from the athlete’s diet.

Gone are the days that eggs are verboten because of their high cholesterol levels. A serving of eggs contains ...

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Mumblings of an Old Man: Speed Work

Race Prep – Speed Work

If you really want to “race” a race, how do you prepare? Do you need to do speedwork? What about hill repeats or tempo runs? Will running a track/treadmill/road help?

First, let’s define “race” for the purposes of this article. By “race” I mean run a particular race in a pace that’s fast for you. It doesn’t mean winning or placing high in the standings. Just racing so that when you finish, you know that you put ...

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