Benefits of Improving your Running Form

Running Form

Form is often touted as the be-all and end-all of running, and for good reason. The efficiency of your body to traverse a distance great or small is at the heart of running and competition, but are there any other benefits to taking the time out of your busy schedule to make yourself a better runner? The answer is yes! Better running form will carry over into your everyday life as well.

Stronger core
Working on your running form will automatically improve your core strength which will make your everyday life easier and more pain free. Stronger shoulders, neck, back, abs, and hips will lead to benefits such as less back pain, reduced shoulder tension, and possibly even fewer headaches.

Better posture
As your core strengthens you will naturally have better posture which will help improve your health and wellness. Less back pain, a better metabolism (standing up straight burns more energy and also helps get digestion going), and better productivity are all proven benefits of good posture.

More Confidence
Have you ever heard the adage, “look good, feel good”? When people feel better they tend to look better, and when they look better they exude more confidence. Getting stronger and standing up straight will signal to your brain that you are a more confident person, which will carry over into your personal life.

Fewer injuries
You will suffer fewer injuries as you improve your form because of your newly developed strength as well as the removal of your running inefficiencies.

Less frequent shoe purchases
When your form improves the wear patterns on your shoes are more likely to even out. This will lead to them wearing out less frequently which will ultimately lead to fewer trips to the running store for new shoes.

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