Mental Tips for Getting Past Injury

How to Mentally Recover From Injury

Beyond any pain a runner may experience during a hard workout or race is the mental anguish that is experienced during injury. From grief to denial to depression, times of injury can be emotional whirlwinds. Do not let what is going in your running life affect the many other aspects of your well-being. Using the mental tips detailed below you can make it through an injury with minimal sadness.

It is easy for an injured ...

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Tips for Coming Back from Injury

Injury Recovery Tips

Once an injured athlete has been cleared to return to his or her sport of choice it can be tempting to tackle workouts at the same intensity as before the injury. However, during the first few weeks post-injury athletes should be cautious as to not re-injure themselves. Listed below are tips for returning to exercise safely and effectively.

Take it slowly
Do not assume that you can return to the level you were at immediately before injury. Even if ...

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Cross Training for Injured Athletes

Cross Training

When an injury throws a wrench in your training plans you may find yourself feeling helpless as you watch your hard-earned fitness slowly fade away.

However, depending on the type of injury you are experiencing there are multiple cross training routines available that can help you maintain fitness while you wait to be cleared to run.

Although many runners find cross training to be boring, getting in an alternative workout session is not only good for the body, but good for ...

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