Essential Gear for Triathletes

Gear for Triathletes

Thinking of getting into triathlons? Before you begin you should keep in mind the amount of gear for triathletes that is required to successfully complete a triathlon, especially at the competitive level. Listed below are the bare necessities to get you through the swim-bike-run.

Unless you are already a competitive swimmer, much of the cost for a new triathlete comes from buying swim gear.

Wet Suit/Tri Suit
Beginners who are unsure whether they will stick with the sport should ...

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How to Train for a Triathlon

Training for a Triathlon

Triathlons are considered by many to be the ultimate showcase of speed, endurance, strength, and athleticism, so it is of no surprise that more and more people are competing in triathlons each year. However, knowing how to train for a triathlon can be tough, as most people are only proficient in one or two of the three sports. Besides upping the ante in swimming, biking, and running, potential triathletes must practice efficient fueling and transitions in order ...

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Reasons to Tri

Reasons to Participate in a Triathlon

Thinking about attempting your first triathlon but unsure whether it will be right for you? Listed below are a few reasons you should give the triathlon a chance.

Improved fitness
Variety is the spice of life and performing the same exercise day in and day out can keep your body from developing all the systems necessary for optimal health and fitness. When training for a triathlon you will develop strength, stamina, and speed that you ...

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