Reasons to Tri

Reasons to Participate in a Triathlon

Thinking about attempting your first triathlon but unsure whether it will be right for you? Listed below are a few reasons you should give the triathlon a chance.

Improved fitness
Variety is the spice of life and performing the same exercise day in and day out can keep your body from developing all the systems necessary for optimal health and fitness. When training for a triathlon you will develop strength, stamina, and speed that you never knew you had.

New friends
If you already regularly compete in swimming, cycling, or running races, you know that the community of people involved in weekend events are among the best. By competing in triathlons you will expand your social network and meet new friends and training partners.

Step outside your comfort zone
Triathlons are hard for a number of reasons, but perhaps the biggest challenge is that you are likely to be downright bad at one of the three sports, at least in the beginning. Training and competing in a triathlon will challenge you in new ways and help you strive to be your best.

Improve your mental toughness
Think running a marathon is hard? Try running a marathon after you have already spent hours swimming and biking. If triathlons are an extracurricular activity to your normal sport, expect to return to your typical activity with a renewed toughness and ability to endure.

Sense of accomplishment
A triathlon is no small undertaking. Do you remember the way you felt after your completed your first century ride or first marathon? Take that feeling and multiply it by three, as a triathlon adds a whole new meaning to the word “accomplished.”

Have fun
Rediscover what you love about working out and competing by trying something new. In the end, you will be much better for it!

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